Here’s What Designer You’d Wear to the Met Gala According to Your Sign

No invite to the illustrious Met Gala this year? No problem. A gal can still dream. And while you’re fantasizing about hobnobbing with fashion and culture’s elite whilst dressed in couture, we may as well offer some inspiration. Lucky for us, resident Love by Luna astrologer, Kyle Thomas, nailed down which designer you would probably wear to the gala according to your sign. Happy day dreaming, friends.

gigi hadid in tommy hilfiger at the met gala
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Aries (march 21 – April 19): Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger embodies an Aries’ high fashion sensibilities. Featuring “preppy with a twist” designs, the brand emboldens an Aries to make a statement. As the leader of the zodiac, Aries want to stand out effortlessly, and always remain modern, confident and playful—just like Gigi Hadid at the 2018 Met Gala.

lily rose depp in chanel at met gala
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Taurus (april 20 – May 20): Chanel

Classic, powerful and independent, the timeless beauty of Chanel sings to the Taurus spirit. Taurus, ruled by Venus, are always drawn to harmony and know they don’t have to be flamboyant to wear their crown. As one of the most sophisticated fashion houses, Taurus will be able to satiate their hunger for refinement in Chanel, as evidenced by Lily-Rose Depp at the 2017 gala.

dakota johnson met gala
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Gemini (may 21 – June 20): Gucci

Known to be lively and adventurous, Geminis love a little bit of drama. Gucci brings it in an original way that keeps people guessing. Shock value can definitely keep the gossip brewing, and if there’s anything that a Gemini in Gucci will create is a whole lot of chatter. Dakota Johnson and Fifty Shades of Grey anyone?

sarah jessica parker met gala
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Cancer (june 21 – July 22): Valentino

Sensual and romantic, Valentino is the perfect Met Gala pairing for a Cancer. Like the Cancerian crab, with a hard shell but a deeply sensitive heart, Valentino masters elegance flawlessly. Add a little bit of mystery and a bold lip and a cancer is ready to be her enigmatic self. That’s basically Sarah Jessica Parker in 2012 in a nutshell. 

jennifer lopez 2015 met gala
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Leo (july 23 – August 22): Versace

All eyes are on Leo, which is exactly how they like it. The best way for one of these fiery lionesses to be seen is by donning Versace. It’s dramatic, bold and loud, which is exactly how a lion likes to roar. Case in point? Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 Met Gala.

met gala blake lively
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Virgo (august 23 – September 22): Burberry

When it comes to this practical Earth Sign, Virgos tend to think less is more. By synthesizing the past with modern fashion, Burberry brings the best of both worlds to Virgo, who always likes to feel proud of where they put their assets—especially the ones they adorn their bodies with. Just look at Blake Lively at the 2016 Met Gala.

amanda seyfried met gala
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Libra (september 23 – October 22): Prada

Ruled by Venus, planet of art and beauty, the Libra is drawn to the texture and layering of Prada. Libra are excitable and enthusiastic, the social butterfly of the zodiac. Prada hints at an inherent curiosity and sassy side, as well, as evidenced by Amanda Seyfried at the 2018 gala.

beyonce at met gala
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Scorpio (october 23 – November 21): Alexander Mcqueen

When it comes to a high fashion edge with a darker enigmatic side, Alexander McQueen echoes the Scorpio soul. Expect to see the zodiac sign of Scorpio at the Met Gala embracing these hypnotic and powerful designs. Hauntingly beautiful, passionately romantic and fantastically majestic, Alexander McQueen will bring forth the inner fire every Scorpio begs to unleash. Beyoncé in 2011 is proof.

lea michele met gala1
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Sagittarius (november 22 – December 21): Fendi

Fendi speaks to the Sagittarius’ inner free spirit, because of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius is the one with the greatest desire for freedom and spontaneity. Creativity is linked to the Sagittarius high fashion sense, which is why these bold fabrics and exciting patterns will certainly catch their eyes. Lea Michele’s 2011 Fendi frock certainly illustrates that.

selena gomez met gala
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Capricorn (december 22 – January 19): Louis Vuitton

As one of the most traditional and oldest high fashion brands in the world, Louis Vuitton takes the Capricorn crown. Always classic, forever chic, and timelessly stylish, Louis Vuitton’s patterns (like Selena Gomez’s above), craftsmanship, and reputation satiate the Capricorn’s hunger for elitism.

beyonce met gala 2015
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Aquarius (january 20 – February 18): Givenchy

Aquarius thrives when they can stand out and showcase a different perspective than those around them. So does Givenchy. Not only does the fashion house create clothing that makes a statement, but it leaves people stunned in their tracks. This will appease the Aquarius fashionista who loves keeping things extraordinary, just like Beyoncé’s 2015 look.

rosie huntington whiteley met gala1
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Pisces (february 19 – March 20): Balmain

When it comes to reinvention, Balmain has become known for its aggressive focus on creativity and luxury expression. Whether going for something elaborate or dramatic, Balmain will make a Pisces’s imaginative spirit shine. With wild detailing (like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s above), studs and sexy cuts, the Pisces Met Gala attendee will enjoy being edgy and modern at the exact same time.


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