The Shockingly Normal Thing That Meghan Markle Just Revealed She's No Longer Allowed to Do

While making the rounds in Nottingham for her first official charity visit for World AIDS Day alongside her royal hubby-to-be Prince Harry, Meghan Markle made clear she is slowly but surely learning the royal ropes.

How so? While greeting hordes of fans, one well-wisher asked to snap a royal selfie with her, to which Markle swiftly (but politely) declined. 

OK, so it’s not officially a royal no-no to snap selfies, but according to experts, they’re frowned upon since they’re less personal than a face-to-face interaction and can also be problematic for security reasons. (Think about it: Selfies invite the photo taker to get pretty close.)

Looks like Markle isn’t messing around when it comes to royal protocol. The Queen should be proud.

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