Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Open Up About Baby Archie’s Huge Milestone (& Show Off Their Living Room Decor)

It sounds like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son, Archie, has reached quite a few major milestones!

While having a virtual chat with education activist Malala Yousafzai for International Day of the Girl, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up about spending more quality time with their one-year-old, admitting that they were able to see him walk for the first time.

Prince Harry revealed, "We were both there for his first steps. His first run, his first fall, his first everything."

Meghan added, "In so many ways we are fortunate to be able to have this time to watch him grow, and in the absence of COVID, we would be traveling and working more. We’d miss a lot of those moments."

The royal couple did their interview from their living room, which happens to be a popular spot in their Santa Barbara estate. As seen in previous public recordings, the room features a cream sofa with patterned cushions, a colorful plant, and a trio of unique paintings.

The rare update on Archie comes only a few days after Markle opened up about how he's kept them busy at home. While doing a video call with Evening Standard, she said, "We are doing well. [Archie] is so good. We are very lucky with our little one. He is just so busy, he is all over the place. He keeps us on our toes. We are just so lucky."

And so is Archie to have such supportive parents!

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