Meghan Markle Reveals She Used to Clip Coupons and Now Still Hunts for Promo Codes Online

Anyone can appreciate the power of a good sale, even the Duchess of Sussex.

During a recent interview on The New York Times DealBook Online Summit, Meghan Markle was discussing the wage gap between men and women and the importance of imparting financial knowledge upon young women.

Markle said, “If we are able to keep pushing forward—and that comes and starts young, right? If I was ingrained at a young age to understand more about the stock market or have financial literacy, [imagine] how different that would put me in the world.”

Among Markle's many salient points, we also learned an interesting tidbit about the duchess around halfway through the video, when she said, “Even though I grew up clipping coupons and now that's ingrained in me as well, my values haven't changed.”

Her interviewer, Andrew Ross Sorkin, quickly stopped her and asked if she still clipped coupons, to which she jokingly said, “Do they have coupons anymore? I don't know, but I will never buy anything online without finding an online promo code first. So that's still in there, right? It's a modern version of the same thing.”

While we love knowing that the Duchess of Sussex hunts for promo codes just like we do, she used the anecdote to tie it back to her original point, adding, “That's to say—if that was ingrained in me when I was young, imagine what the world would be like if you ingrained other elements of financial understanding, especially in young women, so they could move in the world in a different way.”

Wise words from the duchess.

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