Matthew Morrison Reveals the Thing He Loved Most About ‘American Horror Story’

If there’s one thing Matthew Morrison loved about playing Trevor Kirchner on American Horror Story: 1984, it was his iconic mustache.

PureWow recently sat down for a Skype interview with the Glee actor (social distancing at its finest, people) to discuss everything from American Horror Story to his latest album, Disney Dreamin’ with Matthew Morrison, a carefully curated collection of Disney classics inspired by (and in honor of) his 2-year-old son, Revel.

During the interview, Morrison opened up about his time on American Horror Story: 1984, including the fact that it was his idea to grow that seriously impressive mustache. 

“AHS was such a really wonderful job when it happened,” he stated. “I always wanted to grow a mustache but never really had the opportunity to. So, I presented it to Ryan Murphy and he was like ‘Yeah go for it.’ So, that was fun. And to just be a part of that franchise. It’s such an iconic, global franchise like so many people across the world love that show.”

The 41-year-old Broadway star also revealed how the show actually led him to change the release date of his latest album. 

“Actually this Disney album’s release was supposed to come out in August,” he continued. “But I didn’t think the timing was really appropriate, doing a children’s record while doing American Horror Story with blood, guts and other things. But AHS to me was something that was kind of a dream for me to go back to that world and work with the same creators of Glee and to work with such a phenomenal cast was just superb. To be honest, it wasn’t the hardest job ever. It was just running around the woods screaming a lot, but it was fun.”

Running and screaming with Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd? Sounds like our dream job.