Matt Damon & Julianne Moore's ‘Suburbicon' Intimacy Scene Resulted in a Bruised Butt

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The main reason we’re not mega-successful movie stars: sex scenes, which basically sound worse to us than an evening spent listening to Philip Glass while enduring a root canal. Case in point: Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, who portray an ideal married couple in the new George Clooney-directed film Suburbicon.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Suburbicon costars discussed one of the film’s intimacy scenes and revealed they took full advantage of Hollywood’s movie-making magic to ensure it looked authentic. But authenticity came at a cost, and Damon’s backside received the brunt of it.

He began, “We had a good Ping-Pong scene together. That was not dull at all. I actually bruised myself.” The scene required Damon to initiate intimacy by repeatedly spanking Moore’s butt with a Ping-Pong paddle.

The Martian actor went on to explain that the camera angle made it look like he was spanking Moore, but he was actually inflicting pain on himself. Moore further clarified the logistics of the scene, adding, “He’d hit and then I’d yell.”

The result? A “completely discolored” butt cheek.

Yeah, we don’t fully understand the logistics, either. Anyways... Ping-Pong paddle: 1. Matt Damon: 0.

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