Screech for Joy! Mario Lopez Had a ‘Saved by the Bell’ Reunion, and Hinted at a Reboot

It’s that time of year: School’s about to be back in session ... and, potentially, so is Bayside.

Yep, beloved high school sitcom Saved by the Bell may have ended over (wait for it...) 27 years ago, but that doesn’t keep the cast from staying in touch ... and do we smell another ’90s reboot on the way???

Mario Lopez sat down with PureWow on behalf of Office Depot’s Back to School Proud campaign, which empowers kids to get excited about heading back to the classroom with the right supplies. He revealed he recently met up with a few former costars of Saved by the Bell.

“I keep in touch with them,” Lopez said of the Bayside gang. “Matter of fact, we all went to dinner together not too long ago. I was just at Tiffani [Thiessen]’s house last week. Our families got together, and seeing our kids play together was really cool.”

This isn’t the first reunion we’ve had from A.C. Slater and Kelly Kapowski. Last August, Lopez appeared as a guest host on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and surprised the audience with a Saved by the Bell reunion with his former costar Thiessen. After reminiscing about their Saved by the Bell days, they teamed up to make recipes from Thiessen’s debut cookbook, Pull Up a Chair: Recipes from My Family to Yours, and it was almost as if nothing had changed.

And Lopez teased that it won’t be his last reunion...

When asked about an official reboot, Lopez played coy. “Well, you never know.” He smiled. “Never say never. I’m not opposed to it.” NBC! Are you listening?!

The original show premiered in 1989 and ran for four seasons. It starred Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack), Lopez (A.C. Slater), Dustin Diamond (Screech), Thiessen (Kelly), Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie), Lark Voorhies (Lisa) and Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding).

BRB, we’re going to need to process this news over a burger and shake from The Max.

‘Saved by the Bell’ Is Returning to TV…but It's Not What You Think


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