Marie Kondo’s Donabe Sparks More Joy Than Anything Else in Her Kitchen—but What Exactly Is a Donabe?

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If someone said you could snoop around Marie Kondo’s kitchen, would you do it? Let’s be honest: We’d probably give an arm and a leg to see what she keeps in her uncluttered cabinets and drawers.

That’s why we were fascinated to read a Bon Appétit article revealing the kitchen tool that sparks the most joy for Marie Kondo: her donabe. Well, if we’re being accurate, her donabes. She owns three of them. Three! Thrice the joy. Each has a different purpose, like making miso soup or making rice.

But hold up, what’s a donabe? It’s a traditional Japanese cooking pot that’s as gorgeous as it is functional. Made from special clay, the donabe’s thick walls retain and diffuse heat evenly, allowing for delicate cooking. Think of it as Japan’s elegant version of the Dutch oven.

While you can buy one on Amazon for $40 to $100, an artisanal one will retain heat better and will double as a work of art on your countertop. In fact, many restaurants that use donabes display them in plain sight for patrons to admire.

The first dish Marie Kondo ever whipped up in her donabe was her mom’s chicken soup recipe (awww). We’re inspired.

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