This Beauty Subscription Will Basically KonMari Your Dirty Makeup Sponges for You

makeupdrop hybrid replenishment plan 728

When was the last time you replaced your makeup sponge? Three months ago? Six months? Don’t remember? (Same.)

Because we’re admittedly gross like that, beauty brand MakeupDrop just launched its Hybrid Replenishment Plan as a solution.

By taking a simple online quiz, you can set up an automatic shipment of fresh makeup sponges based on how frequently you wear makeup. For example, if you only wear makeup a few times a week, you can get an automatic two-month delivery of the brand’s latest product, a silicone-sponge hybrid blender (hence the name).

The whole thing is $20 per delivery, and shipping is free, so depending on how often you wear foundation (or how much you care about bacteria teeming on your beauty tools), it just might be worth the investment.


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