Exclusive: Maggie Gyllenhaal Reveals What Father’s Day Gift Her Husband Is Getting...and It’s Totally Low-Key

maggie gyllenhaal peter sarsgaard fathers day

Is it just us or did Father’s Day sneak up a lot faster this year? If you ask Maggie Gyllenhaal, she’d say so. 

PureWow caught up with the actress—and mom of two daughters, Ramona, 12, and Gloria Ray, 7—at the opening of a pop-up shop for Josh Cellars wine in New York City and asked how she’s planning to celebrate her husband, Peter Sarsgaard, this weekend.

Her response is something all multitasking moms are currently feeling: “I've got so much going on right now. My kids are finishing school and my husband’s been out of town. I only realized today that Father’s Day is, in fact, this weekend, so now I’m trying to figure out what to do.”

Still, Gyllenhaal admits, when it comes to gifts, she has an ace in the hole up her sleeve if she needs it. “My husband is a really exceptional and knowledgable gardener, so I thought maybe we’d get him some kind of plant. I think the best way to approach gift-giving is to get him something he’ll like, but would also make him feel good.”

Sage advice—not to mention, something all last-minute gifters can apply to their search. And kudos to Gyllenhaal for coming up with something thoughtful and brilliant in the eleventh hour.

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