Exclusive: Maggie Gyllenhaal Can’t Get Enough of This On-Trend Wine (& No, It’s Not Rosé)

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Leave it to Maggie Gyllenhaal to be on the cutting edge of what’s hip and cool when it comes to wine.

The actress—who most recently starred in The Kindergarten Teacher—chatted in-person with PureWow about her vino preferences at the opening of a pop-up shop for Josh Cellars wine in New York City.

Here’s what surprised us: Gyllenhaal is actually super into orange wine.

“I really like it,” she says of the centuries-old wine style—a variation on rosé—that has slowly, but steadily, been picking up steam as a trend again.

And that’s not the only type of increasingly-popular vino that Gyllenhaal gravitates toward: “I like what they call a ‘fresh’ red wine, where it’s a little bit chilled. For example, Lambrusco.” (We couldn’t agree more.)

Still, when push comes to shove, Gyllenhaal admits she also loves sipping something that’s decidedly untrendy, too. “It’s not particularly chic, but I love a white wine, especially one that’s so buttery, it’s dripping down the glass. It also can’t be sweet. I don’t like sweet.”

Excuse us while we rattle off all of Gyllenhaal’s recs on the next trip to our local wine shop.

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