Lyric Ross (Deja from ‘This Is Us’) Shares Deets on Season 5, Malik & More

It’s been less than two months since the season four finale of This Is Us aired on NBC, and to no surprise, we’re already having major Pearson family withdrawal.

Luckily, PureWow recently sat down for a Zoom interview with Lyric Ross (Deja), who answered all our burning questions about the drama series. While she can’t give away any spoilers about the upcoming season, the 16-year-old actress revealed that viewers can expect to see more Malik (Asante Blackk).

“There’s going to be a lot more in store for Malik and Deja’s story line. I can tell you that,” she told PureWow. “There might be some new characters popping up that we’ve heard about before, but we haven’t gotten to meet yet.”

Ross described Deja and Malik’s chemistry as “simple” yet “beautiful.” As for her off-screen relationship with Blackk, the actress admitted that she was “starstruck” the first time she met her new love interest.

“He’s probably one of the most talented actors around my age that I’ve seen. He’s super cool. He can be a little boring at times,” she laughed. “But other than that, he’s really cool. I love working with him.”

While discussing her character, Ross confirmed that she and Deja are very similar. “Deja is a very closed in person when it comes to certain things. She doesn’t like letting people in—I don’t want to say she has trust issues, but it can seem like that sometimes,” she said. “I know I am a very observant person. I don’t trust anybody. I don’t just call anybody my friend. I don’t give everyone that privilege of being completely open, so I connect to her when it comes to that.”

Although she’s ready to resume production, Ross admitted it’s a bittersweet feeling, since series creator Dan Fogelman previously revealed This Is Us is nearing its end.

“It was a little sad because we are getting closer to the end of the series,” Ross explained. “This Is Us has been an amazing lesson for me. Just to be on this journey with them, it’s been amazing.”

We can’t wait for Deja and Malik to get even more screen time in season five.


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