Target Is Launching a Line of Body-Positive Skin Care Products Just in Time for Summer

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If you’ve ever slipped into a cute sundress only to spend your whole day dealing with painful thigh chafing, listen up: Target has a new body-positive body-care line that’s going to save you this summer. 

Love AnyBody, formed in partnership with body-positive influencer Loey Lane, aims to celebrate all women’s bodies while starting an honest conversation about the every-day body concerns that affect us all. 

The four-piece collection includes a stretch mark serum, stretch mark cream, anti-chafe stick and anti-chafe ointment. Best of all, everything is less than $11. 

Lane, who also has an uber popular YouTube channel, said in a statement: “I’m thrilled to introduce Love AnyBody, a beauty brand I developed as a response to the lack of body positive skincare products available.”

“I wanted to create a line that protects and cares for your body, whether helping to avoid chafing or soothing uncomfortable stretch marks, things we all deal with,” she added. “Creating Love AnyBody felt like a natural next step for me since I’ve dedicated my life to spreading a positive message of self-love and to helping people understand that all bodies are beautiful.”

Because nothing should keep you from rocking your warm-weather finest.

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