We’re Totally Stealing Lolo Jones’s Motivational Advice 

As Lolo Jones trains for the 2020 Olympic games, the track and field star, 37, is opening up about what keeps her motivated. (And we’re totally stealing her spot-on advice.)

Jones recently sat down for an exclusive interview with ONE37pm, where she talked about her career as an Olympian. Although she has sustained multiple injuries as a professional runner, the athlete revealed that she abides by a familiar expression when she’s feeling down about herself.

“I’m a firm believer in the quote fall seven times, get up eight,” she said. “I’ve been close to an Olympic medal multiple times and haven’t let it stop me from coming back. I didn’t make my first Olympic team and then went on to make three more after that.”

Jones went on to say that she sometimes struggles to keep up with the younger hurdlers, since most newcomers join the Olympic team at age 24.

“When you’re at the start line facing girls who are so much younger, it can be hard to get motivated,” she continued. “It’s obviously easier when you’re younger to bounce back quicker, so you have to drop the idea of comparison. There’s no benefit in comparing your body to someone else’s.”

Although she’s adjusting to her aging body, Jones admitted that Instagram helps her maintain relevancy.

“Social media has elongated my career because it allows me to connect with fans better and it gives me a platform to show them what I’m up to,” she added. “Before social media was a big thing, Olympians were only in the spotlight every four years. Now I’m able to keep my fans in the loop.”

2020 Olympics, here she comes.


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