One of Leonardo DiCaprio's Most Iconic Lines of All Time Almost Didn't Happen

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Can you believe that it's been 25 years since Titanic first hit movie theaters? With 11 Oscars to its name, the timeless classic continues to win over countless fans, thanks in part to the sizzling chemistry between Jack and Rose and, of course, the iconic one-liners. But did you know that one of the most famous lines almost didn't make it into the movie?

Yep, that's right. But for the record, “I will never let go, Jack” and “Draw me like one of your French girls” were never on the chopping block, so don’t worry.

As it turns out, one of Titanic’s most quoted lines, “I’m king of the world!” shouted by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson, almost didn’t make it.

According to the film’s Oscar-winning director James Cameron, who spoke with BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb, DiCaprio was against the line, but was told to “f*cking sell it.” Thank God he listened.

“And we were losing the light, and we had tried this and tried that, and we’d tried this line and that line, and nothing was really working,” Cameron said. “And I was literally coming up snake eyes, and I was like, ‘I’ve got one for you, just say I’m the king of the world. And just spread your arms out wide and just be in the moment, and just love it and celebrate the moment,” the director continued.

“And he [DiCaprio] goes, ‘What?!’ I’m getting this over the walkie talkie, ‘What?!.’ Just say, ‘I’m the king of the world, and you have to sell it.’” Leo again questioned him, and Cameron said he told the then-23-year-old DiCaprio to “just f*cking sell it!”

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And that, ladies and gents, is how you make cinematic history.

OK, that, and "I'm flying." 


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