Mama-to-Be Lea Michele Is Using Quarantine to Get as Much Sleep as She Can

Sleep is not something new mothers often have in excess, which is why Lea Michele is getting as much of it as she possibly can while she’s still pregnant. The soon-to-be first-time mama posted another sweet photo of her baby bump to Instagram last week with the caption, “Getting some extra sleep while I can.” Honestly, we should all be so generous with our sleep schedules, pregnant or not.

Michele and her now hubby, Zandy Reich, president of the fashion brand AYR, tied the knot back in March 2019. Then on May 2 (after a few weeks of rumors), the Glee alum confirmed her pregnancy with a glowing Instagram post. And while motherhood might be a new experience for Michele, taking her sleep seriously is not.

She shared her elaborate pre-sleep self-care routine with PureWow in June 2019: “To start, I make a magnesium bath,” she says. “Then, I do a dry brushing and put on a face mask that’s followed by a hair mask. You have to make your routine work for you.” Honestly, this sounds more like a perfect spa day than something we would repeat nightly, but as Michele explains, self-care is incredibly important, especially if you’re under a lot of stress (like if you’re starring in a hit TV show or, you know, growing a baby inside of you).

Her original pre-sleep practice also included the occasional glass of wine, something we’re assuming she indulges in a little less often these days. It’s also possible the delightful combination of hormones, cravings and other fun pregnancy things has caused Michele to totally restructure her nightly schedule. So any time you’d like to share your pregnancy-focused self-care methods, Lea, we’ll be waiting and ready.



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