Lea Michele Says This Is the One Thing About Her Wedding She's Most Looking Forward to

Break out the Google incognito window at work, because we’ve got some amazing wedding-planning ideas from Lea Michele to pin to our Pinterest boards.

The former Glee actress, who got engaged to AYR president Zandy Reich in April 2018 (with a massive four-carat rock, no less), is in the midst of wedding planning. In an exclusive interview with PureWow at the Zola pop-up store in New York City, Michele told us the one thing she’s most looking forward to about her wedding (besides, ya know, the fact that she’s getting married).

“I would say the food,” Michele laughed. “I really am. On Sunday, I requested for a bagel bar with every kind of bagel and every kind of spread and Bloody Marys,” Michele said. Um, you sent the invite to our apartment, right?

“That’s the nonemotional answer,” the bride-to-be clarified. “But really, I’m looking forward to being with everyone I love. All together, everyone that’s there with me and Zandy…that’s so special.”

“And Zandy also requested a Philly cheesesteak bar because he’s from Philly,” she laughed.

Bagels, cheesesteaks and all the people you love in one place? Now that’s a wedding itinerary we can totally get behind.

Due to prepping for the big day, Michele and Reich have sworn off carbs, gluten…basically anything unhealthy, which explains the anticipation surrounding this bagel bar. She said that after the wedding, though, the couple is going to make “900 [effing] pizzas.”

The Scream Queens star listed off her favorite pie-related picks for her registry in partnership with wedding-planning service Zola. “We have a pizza oven, we have a pizza stove, we have pizza cutters…”

“We have anything and everything you could ever need to make pizzas,” Michele said. “…And we’re not even eating gluten right now!”

We propose a toast to the happy couple…a toasted everything bagel, that is.

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