This Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union Show Just Hit Netflix's Top 10 List & It Looks Intense

A brand-new series has entered Netflix's lineup of top TV shows, and it's the Bad Boys spin-off we never knew we needed.

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba star as cops in L.A.'s Finest, a comedy action crime series that centers on Marcus Burnett's sister, Sydney Burnett. The first season only arrived on Netflix earlier this month, so it's likely that this action series will rise even higher on their most-watched list in the near future.

The show was met with mixed reviews and it surprisingly ended after just two seasons, but still, quite a few critics have praised the series for its humor and impressive action sequences. Critic Glenn Gavin described it as "a female-buddy cop drama that shows a deft touch in mixing tart humor with impressively violent action sequences." Meanwhile, Malcolm Venable from TV Guide wrote, "Its L.A. grit, self-mocking charm, and splashy Jerry Bruckheimer effects make L.A.'s Finest's a singular kind of cop show—one that delivers a near cinema experience with every bloc."

See the full trailer below.

L.A.'s Finest, which takes place in the same universe as the Bad Boys franchise, follows two female detectives who try to work together as partners at the LAPD, despite their differences and their complicated pasts. Syd Burnett is an ex-DEA agent who transfers to the LAPD while Nancy McKenna is a stepmom and a former career criminal.

Union and Alba not only starred in the series, but they also served as executive producers along with several others, including Brandon Margolis, Brandon Sonnier, Pam Veasey, Doug Belgrad, Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman. L.A.'s Finest, which initially premiered on Spectrum in May of 2019, was created by Margolis and Sonnier. Other cast members of the show include Duane Martin (Ben Baines), Zach Gilford (Ben Walker), Ryan McPartlin (Dr. Patrick McKenna) and Sophie Reynolds (Izzy McKenna).

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