Lana Condor Speaks Out, Asking for Support for the Asian Community: ‘This Is Not a World We Should Live In’

lana condor powerful message

Lana Condor is speaking out, asking for more support of the Asian community, and her message is extremely powerful.

Earlier this week, the Netflix star, 23, shared an eye-opening message on Twitter in light of the tragic Atlanta shootings. Condor wrote, “Wake up… your Asian friends and family are deeply scared, horrified, sick to their stomachs and wildly angry. Please please please check in on us, please please please stand with us. Please. Your Asian friend needs you, even if they aren’t publicly grieving on social media.”

It didn’t take long for her followers to offer their virtual support. Her To All the Boys co-star Janel Parrish wrote, “I love you, sister.” Netflix even chimed in: “filled with endless love and support for you, Lana.”

After reading the responses, Condor added, “You guys don’t know how much your kind words mean to me right now [crying emoji] [heart emoji] I love you so much wow.”

The actress concluded by referencing her boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, and reiterating that there’s so much work to be done. “Anthony told me last night he is afraid for me to go to the nail salon…,” she continued. “This is not a world we should live in.”

Condor’s statement is in response to the shootings that took place earlier this week, where eight people lost their lives, as well as the many instances of violence against the Asian community.

One thing’s for sure: We stand with you, Lana.

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