Kit Harington Kept His ‘Game of Thrones' Statue from the New Teaser Trailer (and Has Some, Er, Interesting Plans for It)

Jon Snow has some redecorating schemes up his sleeve, but they have nothing to do with his new girlfriend, Dany.

Harken back to Sunday, when the new Game of Thrones teaser trailer debuted. In it, Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya are seen in the crypts below their home of Winterfell. Each one passes by a statue of their parents (though, Jon doesn’t really know that yet), before meeting in front of three statues. This time, Jon, Sansa and Arya are the ones immortalized in stone.

On Tuesday, Kit Harington, who portrays Jon Snow in the show, revealed on BBC Radio’s The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show that he took a souvenir home with him after season eight wrapped.

“I kept that statue, the one in the crypt,” Harington said. “They sent it to my house and I’ve got it in my shed. How sad is that? I was the only one who kept their statue, that’s how narcissistic I am. I’m gonna turn it into a water feature.”

A water fountain with a Jon Snow centerpiece? He truly knows nothing (about redecorating). 

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