Kit Harington Just Showed Off the Unique Way He Entertains His Newborn

We've been learning quite a lot recently about Kit Harington's life as a parent.

The star appears on the newest season of Amazon's Modern Love, and he has been doing a string of public appearances and interviews to help promote the show. Of course, since the Game of Thrones actor welcomed his first child back in February, he often discusses the son that he and his former co-star, Rose Leslie, are raising together.

Just a couple weeks ago, Harington told Access Hollywood that being a father was a “beautiful thing,” and he talked about the magnitude of it all. “Everyone goes: 'Look, it's big. What you're about to go through is big.' And you have no way of knowing that until it happens.”

Now, the man formerly known as Jon Snow landed on the topic of parenthood once again during a new interview with Jimmy Fallon. Around two minutes into the video clip below, he tells the host, “Yes, we're thrilled. He's lovely. He's in that gorgeous little stage.” However, what we didn't see coming is that he ends up pulling out some surprise dance moves.

It all starts when Fallon asks Harington if he does anything to try to make his son laugh, to which Harington goes, “I do anything.” He jokingly adds, “I think Rose is the one who he seems to respect and love and like, she's his safe place...I just seem to be sheer entertainment.”

Harington then reveals that he dances for his six-month-old son to entertain him. “He only likes it if I do these exaggerated I've worked out where the dad dance comes from.” The star then stands up and does a demo for Fallon, where he kicks his legs and points his fingers while rocking his arms and twisting his hips.

Although Harington claims that he used to be a good dancer, he says now the “dad” moves have taken over. “I realize I go back onto a dance floor and I'll dance like that. I've lost the old moves entirely,” he adds.

We still love your dad moves, Kit.

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