Why King Charles Is the ‘Sorbet Monarch,’ According to a Royal Expert

king charles sorbet monarch
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It’s no secret that sorbet is used as a palette cleanser, so you can experience every course without distracting your tastebuds. But, we had no idea that some considered King Charles to be the “sorbet” of the royal family.

On a brand-new episode of Royally Obsessed, podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie had an informational conversation with William Hanson, an etiquette expert and advisor for the new Amazon Prime movie, Red, White & Royal Blue (which premieres on August 11).

During the episode, Hanson explained why King Charles is essential to the future of the monarchy. He also revealed that skipping from Queen Elizabeth to Prince William was not an option.

“It’s not American Idol, we can’t just pick our favorite and off we go,” Hanson joked. “That’s not how a hereditary monarchy works.”

Hanson continued, “[King Charles] is going to play a very essential role in being a wonderful bridge. I sometimes refer to him as a ‘sorbet’ monarch between an incredibly formal court, really, of his mother Queen Elizabeth to a relaxed, more contemporary style with William, his son.”

king charles sorbet monarch prince william
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Hanson went on to explain how King Charles is the palate cleanser between Queen Elizabeth and Prince William. “If we jump from one to the other, I think it would be too jarring,” he said. “Whereas what we’re going to be getting with the king is a lovely bridge between the two, so we don’t notice too much of a difference.”

The next course will have to wait (at least for now).

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