Who Will Villanelle’s Next Victim Be on ‘Killing Eve?’

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) has never lacked bloodlust in Killing Eve. But, in the last several episodes she’s cooled off on the killings (kinda) and focused on helping Eve (Sandra Oh) and MI6 handle business. But last night’s episode suggests that might not last for long.

After Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) belittled her the entirety of dinner and then quizzed her on philosophy during a “friendly” board game, Villanelle was fuming. She was so mad, in fact, that she hit him in the face with the philosophy 101 book he dropped in her lap. She left the house and booked it to, of all places, a gyro restaurant. What’s more interesting is that she apparently has never seen a gyro and opts to ask the man working behind the counter what it is. When he tells her gyro is a mixture of several meats, a light bulb goes off for her. Whatever idea she has cooking appears to have something to do with the two women who walk into the restaurant after her.

When the women leave, she stalks them then joins them as they walk through the dark. Her cheeky smile at the camera suggests she’s going to kill them, but what does that have to do with gyros?

It’s safe to assume she’ll use them as a means to blow off some steam, but her anger at Aaron suggests she might go for him as well. But, since Aaron is key to MI6’s investigation and Villanelle doesn’t want to disappoint Eve, she’ll likely leave him alone. His sister Amber (Shannon Tarbet), however, may be fair game.

One option too grotesque to fathom is that Villanelle might make her own human version of gyro meat from those two women and invite Aaron and Amber over to her flat for an apology dinner. We really hope that doesn’t happen, though, because gross.

At the very least, it seems Eve and Niko (Owen McDonnell) are safe for now, since Villanelle enjoys feeling important and needed.

Let’s see how long that lasts…


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