Kelly Ripa Says Her Marriage to Mark Consuelos Could ‘End at Any Time’ Because of...Her Short Arms?

kelly ripa

Kelly Ripa is getting real about a major hardship in her marriage...and it has to do with her short arms. 

PureWow sat down with the Live with Kelly and Ryan host to chat about her newest partnership with Persona Nutrition, a personalized vitamin program. During the interview, the mother of three opened up about her marriage to Mark Consuelos—specifically the difficulties they face when it comes to trying to hold each other’s hand.  

Yup, Ripa says that she and her husband are not “hand-holding compatible” due to the different lengths of their arms (we’re not kidding). 

“Our marriage really could end at any time because we can’t hold hands. We don’t have hand-holding compatibility,” she told us laughing. “So, when we hold hands it's very awkward, even in a car.”

Of course, we asked her to elaborate and, within a matter of seconds, the 49-year-old pulled up a photo of herself and her husband (attempting) to hold hands while seated in the back of a car. And we have to admit, it did look pretty uncomfortable. 

“Because his forearm is so much longer than my forearm, to hold his hand I have to bend it in half,” she continued. “It’s an indicator that we’re not meant for marriage.” LOL. 

Never change you two. 

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