Kelly Clarkson Explains Why Taylor Swift Sends Her Flowers After Every ‘Taylor’s Version’ Album

And this isn't the first time

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Taylor Swift, 33, has been known to do nice things for her fans, whether that means paying off a Swiftie’s financial loans or sending a care package and a handwritten note. That same kindness also applies to her friends, too.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Kelly Clarkson, 41, revealed the sentimental gift she recently received from the “Cruel Summer” singer: flowers. The daytime talk show host told the outlet how this touching gesture has become a tradition for the musicians.

“You know what’s so funny? She just sent me flowers,” Clarkson explained to the publication. “She’s so nice. She did. She was like, ‘Every time I release something’—‘cause she just did 1989. I got that really cute cardigan, too.”

Since regaining control of her masters, Swift has been recording and releasing alternate versions of her first six albums. For many years, the rights to her earlier projects belonged to music executive Scooter Braun and his company, Ithaca Holdings LLC. (Note: Braun obtained the rights to her first six albums after gaining control over the singer’s former record label, Big Machine Label Group.) In 2019, Clarkson sent a tweet to Swift suggesting she re-record her music, so the flowers are a way of saying “thank you.”

So far, Swift has re-released four of her albums, and they naturally claimed the top spot on the Billboard charts

While chatting with E! News, Clarkson went on to say how much she admires Swift for reclaiming ownership of her original work. “I love how kind she is though,” she continued. “She’s a very smart businesswoman. So, she would have thought of that.”

The Kelly Clarkson Show host added, “But it just sucks when you see artists that you admire, and you really want something, and it's special to them. You know if they're going to find a loophole, you find a loophole. And she did it and literally is, like, the best-selling artist I feel like of all-time now.”

The “Stronger” singer also credited Swifties, who have supported the musician through it all. “It’s so cool to see a fanbase really get behind her in that, too, because it's important,” Clarkson explained. “She’s known for being such an incredible songwriter and the soundtrack to a lot of people’s lives and that's her life. So, you should have the option of owning that.”

What we would give to be Taylor’s friend.

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