Kelly Clarkson Releases New Song Where Daughter River Rose Sings Backup Vocals

River Rose is making her debut

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Looks like Kelly Clarkson, 41, may not be the only singer in her family. This week, the American Idol winner released her new single, “You Don't Make Me Cry,” across social media. And we were surprised to discover who is singing background vocals on the track—her daughter, River Rose.

Yesterday, the new song—which is a part of the singer’s deluxe studio album, Chemistry—was posted on the talk show host’s official YouTube channel. In the first few seconds of the track, River is belting out her own adlibs, which are followed by the sound of a piano playing. 

Of course, Clarkson can be heard cheering on her baby girl in the background. “Sing,” she tells her daughter before reciting the lyrics to the song. 

In an earlier Instagram post, Clarkson teased her daughter’s feature on the album. The “Breakaway” singer revealed in the caption that her daughter “was 5yrs old when she was layin down tracks” for “You Don’t Make Me Cry.” 

This is not the first time Clarkson and her little girl teamed up for a song. Earlier this summer, the Grammy-Award-winning musician performed her hit single, “Heartbeat Song,” with River (who is 9 years old now) on stage at her Las Vegas residency. 

Later on that night, the singing duo was also joined by the singer’s 7-year-old son, Remington, who came onstage to dance along to her popular song, “Whole Lotta Woman.”

Like mother, like daughter.

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