Kelley Flanagan Just Revealed How Her Mom Really Feels About Peter Weber

Bachelor Peter Weber’s mom isn’t the only one putting her seal of approval on his recent relationship. As it turns out, Kelley Flanagan’s mom, Connie, is also supportive of the couple. 

OK, maybe she’s not creating Instagram collages and badmouthing ex-girlfriends on live television like Barb, but according to the 28-year-old Flanagan, her mom is definitely a fan of Mr. Weber. 

In honor of Mother’s Day, Flanagan shared some photos of herself with Connie in a social media post. “Happy Mother’s Day to best mom out there! Love you my little twin,” she captioned the Instagram slideshow. 

It wasn’t long before one fan commented asking Connie’s feelings towards the pilot. “I wanna know your mum’s opinion on Peter lol,” she wrote (honestly something we’ve all been wondering). The attorney kept her answer short and sweet, responding, “She loves him!” Ah yes, and (what a surprise!) Barb also commented on the post. “Can’t wait to meet Connie,” she stated. 

The couple’s relationship only recently became official, with a little help from Barb. Earlier this month, the mother of two (being the overly-involved mom that she is), hinted that Peter and Kelley were together in a collage on Instagram. Not to mention, she shared it an entire day before her son’s official announcement. Yikes.

Kelley, we’re dying to know: What does Connie think of Barb?

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