Surprising No One, Barb Announced Bachelor Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan’s Relationship on Instagram Before They Did

On this week’s edition of What Is Barb Up to Now? (confession: we would totally binge this show), Peter Weber’s mother just blew up her son’s spot and revealed his new relationship. 

We reported earlier today that Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan finally made their dating status official in an Instagram post. However, as it turns out, Barb totally beat them to the punch and announced the news on her own social media first. Allow us to explain. 

On Sunday, Pilot Pete shared a photo of himself and his new girlfriend kissing in a plane together (of course) alongside a caption, “You caught me. Let the adventure begin.” But Barb, being the overly-involved mother that she is, hinted that Peter and Kelley are together in her own post on Instagram, which she shared on Saturday, a whole day earlier.

And it’s important to mention that she made an entire collage (someone’s been brushing up on their Photoshop skills) dedicated to the relationship, which featured a variety of photos of the couple together as well as some individual shots. Oh, and we can’t forget about that interesting drawing of a rose in the bottom left corner. 

We’re absolutely not surprised that Barb is putting her stamp of approval on this relationship. Last month, she low-key shared her support when Flanagan posted a photo on Instagram, featuring herself snuggling a golden retriever. The mother of two couldn’t help but stir up the drama by commenting on the post with five heart emojis.

Leave it to Barb to announce her son’s big news before he does.  

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