Katy Perry Calls Her Assistant ‘Hero’ for Bringing Her Dog Nugget Back to Life

There’s a new hero in Katy Perry’s life.

The American Idol judge opened up on her Instagram Story about a scary experience that almost cost her beloved micro teacup poodle Nugget’s life. Perry revealed that her assistant, Tamra, had to give the pup CPR and dubbed her a “hero.”

katy perry s dog nugget with assistant

Tamara recounted little Nugget’s brush with death, explaining, “Nugget jumped and fell off the bed and became unresponsive and I gave her CPR. I pushed on her little chest and blew in her mouth and I brought her back to life.”

katy perry s dog cuddles assistant

Perry’s assistant went on to demonstrate how she saved Nugget with doggy CPR, and we can’t get over how tiny she is.

katy perry s assistant giving dog cpr

In another video, the “Swish Swish” singer explained that her pup blacked out for three minutes before coming to.

katy perry s dog with cast

Following the incident, Perry and Nugget headed over to the vet, where the pooch got an IV and an X-ray.

katy perry s dog x ray

We’re wishing the little nugget a speedy recovery (and really wondering how high that bed was).