The Hidden Meaning Behind Kate Middleton’s Zoom Outfit Choices

It seems Kate Middleton's wardrobe is sending a very important message (whether intentionally or not).

Fans of the Duchess of Cambridge have been paying very close attention to her outfit choices for her virtual engagements and recently noticed that her ensembles have featured all the colors of the rainbow.

Royal fan account @cambridgemums was one of the first to spot the color palette, sharing a collage of Middleton’s Zoom calls on Instagram. “KATE HAS LITERALLY WORN A RAINBOW,” they captioned the post. “Our duchess of impact has quite literally used her lockdown wardrobe to send a message, and WE ARE HERE FOR IT.” We couldn’t agree more.

So, why is ROYGBIV so important? Rainbows actually hold a lot of significance right now in the U.K. and around the world. They symbolize hope and support to healthcare workers, specifically, the National Health Service (NHS), an organization that has become synonymous with the multihued spectrum.

We know what you’re thinking: Could this maybe be a coincidence? Sure, we guess it could. However, we’ve recently seen Kate do a few similarly symbolic things. Take her birthday portraits of Louis, for example, which featured the young royal completing a rainbow art project. The sweet shots showed the prince with rainbow-colored paint on his hands, paint on his face and, of course, the finished product—his rainbow handprint on a piece of paper.

So, if we were to place a bet, we’d say the duchess knows exactly what she's doing.