Kate Middleton’s Zodiac Sign Reveals a Lot About Her Relationship, Parenting Style and Royal Ambition

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It’s no secret that astrology plays a major role in our lives these days. Our zodiac signs can tell us a lot ourselves as well as others, including strengths, weaknesses and personality traits. Naturally, after doing a deep dive into our own sign, we became curious about the astrology of one of our favorite royals, Kate Middleton

Middleton is a Capricorn, and as such, she is perfectly suited for taking on a royal role. Her personality lines up with majority (we can’t say all for sure) of the traits that come with being born between December 21 and January 19.

First, Caps are very career-focused. They’re known as the most ambitious and often make the best managers, CEOs and leaders (!). According to astrology writer Kiki O’Keeffe, “their talent is in wrangling the messiest of operations into profitable, smooth-running machines,” something the Duchess of Cambridge does particularly well. Seriously, she manages to be one of the hardest working members of the royal family, all while being a full-time mother to three young kids. 

And that brings us to our next trait: parenting style. Capricorn parents tend to be stern with their kids, emphasizing the importance of structure and achievement. And while they tend to demand a lot, they are also expressive and offer a ton of support. The latest example of this is how Middleton has been spending time with her kids during the current lockdown. Not only has she been providing a structure with homeschooling, but she also sets aside time for the kids to do projects and help cook in the kitchen

When it comes to being a partner, Caps make for some of the best spouses. They like to celebrate their partner’s every achievement and they tend to be true teammates in love and life. Seriously, no couple exudes teamwork more than Kate and Will. The duchess is constantly supporting her royal hubby through all of his endeavors, many of which they execute together, such as their latest mental health project “Our Frontline.”

But perhaps the most relevant trait that makes Middleton a true Capricorn is how much she cares and her genuine sensitivity. Although she may always seem, calm cool and collected, she has an endless amount of emotion, which is another reason why she does so much for not only her loved ones, but the entire community in which she leads and supports. 

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