Kate Middleton Debuts New Hairstyle (and Color) for Winter

We’ll be honest, trying to keep up with Kate Middleton’s ever-changing hair has become no easy task. Seriously, she takes “changing with the seasons” to a whole new level. Allow us to catch you up.

Back in September, the Duchess of Cambridge added some halo highlights to her hair in honor of fall. What are they exactly? According to Cosmo, halo highlights are “small, face-framing, barely-there chunks of lightened hair around the face which add brightness while keeping the actual hair itself full of movement thanks to the texture added by the bleach.”

kate hair
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However, it seems after just a few short months, the 38-year-old has ditched her highlights for a new winter look. And we kind of love the commitment.

On Monday—one day after the royal family attended the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in London—Middleton participated in a video chat with family members of the armed forces who had lost loved ones. During the meeting, the duchess learned about the support given by the Royal British Legion, which provides lifelong resources to those who have served with the British Armed Forces as well as their families.

For the occasion, the mother of three opted for a black-and-white top adorned with a poppy brooch. However, it was her new, darker, chocolate-brunette hair that really caught our attention.

But her darker locks weren’t the only change. Instead of her usual gorgeous blowout, Middleton went for a sleek, straight ‘do that she kept pushed back behind her shoulders.

To recap: Beachy waves for summer, halo highlights for fall and deep browns for winter. Got it.