Kate Middleton's Kids Hand-Picked Her New 'Carefree' Birthday Portrait

Kate Middleton's 40th birthday portraits are taking the Internet by storm. And according to Paolo Roversi, the royal photographer who did the shoot, the duchess has her family to thank for helping her select those shots.

While chatting with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Roversi revealed that Middleton's husband, Prince William, and their three children (Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3) helped her pick one of the final photos to be released. Their choice? The dreamy black-and-white close-up of the duchess smiling in her one-shoulder dress.

The stunning shot reveals a more casual side of Middleton, whose wavy hair is slightly tousled and swept over her shoulders. During his interview, Roversi fittingly described the pic as one where "a carefree girl returns." Meanwhile, the second black-and-white shot, where Middleton strikes a queen-like pose in her off-the-shoulder gown, is a "regal" pic that has a "maturity that goes beyond her age." As for the final shot in color, where the 40-year-old rocks a bold red gown, Middleton brings out her glamorous side.

While sharing details about the shoot, Roversi revealed that he wanted the pics to look a bit less traditional, which is why he used natural light and decided to go with little make-up, no hairstyling and simple jewelry. He said, "The focal point of Kate's face is her gaze and smile. I didn't want her too lady duchess...but purer and more contemporary as possible, even more timeless."

The final selections were made out of a whopping 250 shots, almost all of which were in black and white. And after he and Middleton narrowed the choices down to 70, they carefully picked their favorites.

The gorgeous photos will be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery. And ahead of its re-opening in 2023, the photos will be part of the Coming Home project, which will feature portraits of well-known individuals in locations that have a special meaning to them.

Kudos to Prince William and the gang for making such a great selection.

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