Kate Middleton's Imagined 37th Birthday Activity Wish List

how kate middleton should spend her birthday

Seeing as it's the Duchess of Cambridge's 37th birthday, we couldn't help but wonder what the regal royal mum of three has in store. So we took the liberty in guessing exactly how Kate would want to celebrate...and how she'll probably actually have to celebrate. Either way, happy birthday, Kate!

Kate's Catherine's Birthday Activity Wish List 

8 a.m.
Sleep in till 10.
Awakened by an "utterly famished" Prince George 

10 a.m.
CBD breakfast muffin while Insta-stalking Meghan's ex
Morning tea with the queen

12 p.m.
Disguise self in incognito garb, buy a ticket for Aquaman 
Polo match with queen

3 p.m.
Free time for writing request for queen to knight Jason Momoa
Secretly Google Jason Momoa

5 p.m.
Cocktails at Sketch wearing new thing called "jumpsuit"
High tea with queen

7 p.m.
Dinner anywhere without my children
Dinner with beloved children

10 p.m.
Drunken karaoke -> my song = Post Malone "Wow" (explicit version)
Probably in bed

Try "twerking"
Definitely in bed

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