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Harry, Meghan, Will & Kate’s Imagined Group Text Thread
WPA Pool/Pool/Getty Images

It’s been revealed that the power couples at the center of Britain’s royal family communicate via a group text thread—royals, they’re just like my brothers and dad! So, we just had to go ahead and imagine what Kate, Will, Harry and Meghz are blowing up each other’s phone with. Here, an unlikely, but possible conversation:

Harry: Yo hunties!!! #corefour, who’s getting turnt 2night?

Will: Might I inquire who this is?

Kate: Will, it’s Harry… 

Will: Pardon?

Kate: …ur brother?

Will: Ah, yes. The Duke of Sussex. Forgive me.

Harry: I stan for ur manners

Will: Uncle Stan is dead.

Kate: IDK Harry we’re actually feeling kind of tired—long weekend!! 

Meghan: Sis nooooo! Plz do not be shady and cancel on us

Kate: I don’t WANT to cancel but Will’s already in his Snuggie

Will: Duchess of Cambridge, mighteth I entreaty thou to retire upstairs for the purpose of reading me a bedtime story? 

Harry: Barf in my mouth

Meghan: Kate. One word: karaoke

Harry: It’s gonnaaaa be lit

Meghan: [[music signs] It’s raining men! [[music signs]]

Will: What?! Catherine, call Gran. Let her know the end is nigh and to release the hounds!

Kate: Will, just shut ur eyes and count peasants

Will: Yes, ma’am.

Kate: Megh, I hate u for leaving me at Kensington Palace alone

Kate: Oops sry wrong text

Will: This is why I prefer carrier pigeons. (Kate, we’re in a fight.)

Kate: Let’s reschedule guys

Harry: Boo, my karaoke outfit is snatched 

Meghan: Ugh they’re never gonna hang out w us

Meghan: Oops sry wrong txt

Will: Meghan, we’re in a fight.

Meghan: It’s Duchess of Sussex to you

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