Kaley Cuoco Reveals Her Massive Christmas Tree (& Offers a Rare Sneak Peek Into Her Home)

The holidays are officially in full swing at Kaley Cuoco's California home.

The 35-year-old actress gave fans a glimpse of the transformation process on her Instagram Stories and we still can't get over how stunning that Christmas tree looks. Cuoco tagged her husband, Karl Cook, and wrote, "It's going great."

kaley cuoco story 1
kaleycuoco / Instagram

In the photo, Cook is hard at work underneath the massive tree, and there's a messy pile of decorations lying on the floor. Meanwhile, the couple's dog is resting on a nearby cushion, totally ignoring the chaos that surrounds him. Cuoco wrote, "Norman not helping and doesn't care."

cook kaley cuoco story
mrtankcook / Instagram

But even without the help of their pup, it appears that their decorating session was filled with caroling and silly moments. On his Instagram, Cook also shared a fun behind-the-scenes snippet of Cuoco dancing and singing along to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." And as much as we enjoyed the festive performance, we couldn't help but notice the layout of their spacious living room, which features a sofa, a giant staircase and decorated walls.

kaley cuoco story 2
kaleycuoco / Instagram

As expected, the end result of their hard work is gorgeous. In Cuoco's final Story, we see a close-up of the finished tree, along with the decorated staircase railing and walls.

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