These Glamping Domes in Bolivia’s Salt Flat Look Out-of-This-World Amazing

kachi lodge domes in bolivia
courtesy of kachi lodge

There are a lot of reasons the impressive Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia should be on your travel bucket list, but being the world's largest salt flat means there aren't very many options for staying next to or right on the edges of the incredible natural phenomenon. Of course you could stay in Uyuni, the closest city, but after seeing photos of the Kachi Lodge, located on the flats themselves, we're pretty well convinced this one-of-a-kind glamping experience is worth the splurge.

an outdoor space at the kachi lodge
courtesy of kachi lodge

The hotel's six domes are located right on the salt flats, giving guests the chance to fully take in their awe-inspiring surroundings, including in the middle of the night when the stargazing is basically unparalleled. The salt flats themselves are the result of a prehistoric lake drying up and leaving behind a white desert that often reflects the sky like a mirror (if you've seen those surreal-looking photos of people wandering through a cloud-filled dessert, it was probably the Salar de Uyuni).

So while you might just want to spend your day staring out at the dreamy landscape, Sachi Lodge also has a host of activities available to visitors. You can take a tour of the Tunupa volcano that looms over the resort (don't worry, it's dormant), go on a bike ride around the Cactus Islands and visit astronomy experts on site who provide explanations of the different constellations and give background history on the importance of the stars in Bolivian history and culture.

dining area at the kachi lodge
courtesy of kachi lodge

Kachi Lodge also boasts an incredible food experience with meals from award-winning local gastronomic eatery Gusti Restaurant. They also have an artist in residence featuring work from Bolivian artist Gaston Ugalde.

As you might imagine, a once in a lifetime vacation like this does not come cheap. One double occupancy tent costs $1,980 per person for the first two nights and $990 for each additional night (though children under 14 pay half). But if you're making the trek all the way over to Bolivia in the first place, we think a stay here is definitely worth considering.



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