Julie Andrews’s New Reading Podcast Means Mary Poppins Is Leading Story Time

julies library cat

The hills are alive with the sound of...Julie Andrews' new story time podcast!

In a press release from American Public Media, The Sound of Music actress is bringing her impeccable British accent to a new children's literacy program, Julie’s Library: Story Time with Julie AndrewsThe podcast will feature weekly episodes of Andrews and her daughter (who happens to be an award-winning writer and educator), Emma Walton Hamilton, reading their favorite children's books. 

Julie's Library is an immersive show intended for children ages 4 to 10—but c'mon, who couldn't use the spoonful of sugar that is Julie Andrews reading us Where the Wild Things Are? (Not that we know what books Andrews and Hamilton will be picking, but, hey, a 33-year-old woman can dream.) Stories will be brought to life through music, sound design and special guest appearances. Plus, as you can sample in the trailer, real kids will be chiming in, too. 

“When I became a parent, I passed the love of reading on to my children. My daughter and I have co-authored over 30 books for children and young adults, and our shared passion for the power of storytelling, literacy, and the arts remains fervent,” said Andrews. “It is our hope that the stories and ideas we share on Julie’s Library will provide family listening pleasure, inspire meaningful conversations, and be a trusted resource for literary enjoyment and learning.” 

Julie's Library launches on April 29, and due to the widespread stay-at-home orders, Andrews and Hamilton will be releasing the first six episodes early, to bring the comfort of storytelling to families during these unprecedented times.

Now that's how you solve a problem like Maria Julie. 



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