Julia Roberts Just Coined the ‘Faux Boom' on Instagram and We Can't Stop LOLing

It's the best thing to happen to social media since Kristen Bell: Julia Roberts is officially on Instagram and we can't get enough.

But our favorite part of the former Pretty Woman star's presence? Her own IG-friendly invention called the "faux boom."

It's basically a riff on the boomerang, which anyone long-familiar with Instagram knows is fairly simple to execute. (You select the video option titled "boomerang" in IG Stories, then repeat a motion for three or so seconds while whoever you've trusted with your phone films.)

Not Julia. She'd rather make her own boomerang, manually repeating a motion—say, flipping her braid, lifting her hat or kicking her leg—sans special effects. In fact, she posts a new one almost every Friday and, we're not going to lie, it's a pretty humorous take on a silly social media trend.

You do you, Julia. (We're here for it.)

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