Hey, Reese Witherspoon: Josh Lucas Is So Down for a ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Sequel

Josh Lucas misses Alabama, bless his heart.

The Sweet Home Alabama star stopped by Good Morning America yesterday and shared that he, like us, wouldn’t mind a sequel to the hit 2002 rom-com starring Reese Witherspoon as his love interest, Melanie Smooter.

In fact, Lucas said he’s even discussed a potential plot with the film’s writer/director, Andy Tennant. “I’ve absolutely said yes [to the sequel]. He and I discussed it extensively, so we’re lobbying the world to join us,” Lucas explained. (No need to lobby us, we’re in.)

He went on to serve a couple of spoilers about the potential plot: “The proposal that [Tennant] had, which was quite interesting, is that my character is back in Alabama and Reese’s character is in New York with our kids and we’re divorced. So [their] whole life is super complicated.” We were hoping they’d make it through, but c’est la vie.

On an interesting note, Lucas says he’s not the only man included in this movie proposal. “Patrick Dempsey’s character is still in the picture. But that’s just the proposal,” he teased. Juicy.

This isn’t the first time Lucas has spoken about his desire for a sequel. Last July he expressed his enthusiasm for a Sweet Home Alabama on The Talk, saying, “I would do it in a second.”

He went on to muse, “I mean, the fact that they were together from when they were children, I would love to see what’s going on 20 years later.” Same, Josh.

So is the feeling mutual? In August 2016, Witherspoon said during a Facebook Live Q&A session that she’d be delighted to make another film.“We are not making a sequel that I know of, but if Disney wants to make a sequel they can just call me. I would happily make Sweet Home Alabama 2,” Witherspoon said.  

Hey, if anyone can make it happen, it’s definitely Reese Witherspoon (read: Legally Blonde 3, Big Little Lies, etc.) The woman has gumption, y’all.

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