Best Dad Alert: Watch John Legend Dress Up Like the Easter Bunny & Dance with Daughter Luna

If you weren't convinced John Legend was the sweetest father, just wait until you watch this.

The 42-year-old singer dressed up as the Easter Bunny for his kids, and he shared a video where he is seen dancing with his daughter, Luna. Check it out.

As the song "American Boy" plays in the background, Legend's 4-year-old daughter takes his hands and balances on his knees while he spins her around. It appears that the family was having an Easter-themed party, as green bunny sculptures and blue eggs were placed all over the deck, as well as a giant carrot sculpture made out of balloons.

However, Luna wasn't fooled by the costume, because she peeked inside the head of the fuzzy white suit and said, "Haha you're daddy!" Legend pointed out his failed disguise in the caption, where he said, "She knew it was me."

Fans in the comments were quick to point out that Luna might have been clued in by Legend's moves, like @sashashereee who said, "Because of the infamous spin move. too cute." Another user simply stated, "Girl always knows her daddy." However, while many commented on the cuteness, some were unsettled by the costume, like @shaunashauna_ who confessed, "I’m sorry John but this is terrifying."

Legend's disguise didn't fool his wife, Chrissy Teigen, either. He shared a photo holding two bottles of his LVE wine while Teigen sat in his lap, and he said, "She suspected it was me as well. Perhaps it was the @lve_wines."

But don't think Legend forgot his son, Miles. The singer-songwriter shared a photo later in the day with his 2-year-old carbon copy, who was seemingly cheering from excitement. Legend explained, "Somebody loves brunch." By this point, Legend had ditched the bunny suit and opted for a leafy black-and-white button-up.

The only thing better than hearing Legend sing is watching his parenting in action.

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