John Krasinski Tried to Troll ‘Office’ Co-star Jenna Fischer on Twitter, but She Clapped Right Back

Looks like Jim Halpert (aka John Krasinski) hasn’t quite put his pranking days behind him, as evidenced by his recent attempt to troll his former Office co-star Jenna Fischer.

Here’s how it all went down: The 39-year-old actor (who is a major Boston Bruins fan) attended Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals to root for his team. However, his former castmate and onscreen wife, Fischerwas at home rooting for the St. Louis Blues.

Over the course of the finals, the duo has been battling back and forth on Twitter over whose team is better and who will win. But it was during last night’s game when Krasinski shook things up and tweeted a video (for Fischer) with fellow actor David Denman.

If you didn’t know, Denman played Roy Anderson, also known as Pam Beasley’s fiánce during the first few seasons of the show.

“Jenna Fischer, I know we’ve been having our ups and downs recently. I just wanted to say, I'm really sorry you’re not here. This is your seat right here, and I was really bummed that you couldn't make it,” Kransinski says in the video while Denman slowly sits down next to him. “But listen: Honestly, let’s just have the best team win….Both teams have been playing incredibly well, and I think it’s just an exciting series for hockey…And I just think, at the end of the day, it's about hockey [and] it’s about hockey fans.”

And while the joke was creative, it was Fischer who had the last laugh. Office fans will recall the significance of hockey games in Pam and Roy’s relationship. Since, you know, he accidentally left her at one. 

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Well played. Just be careful he doesn't leave you at the game,” Fischer commented on the post. 

To top it all off? It was Fischer’s team who took home the trophy, and she celebrated her victory with a cake.  

Being a good sport, Krasinski congratulated her on the win. “Next time Fischer... next time,” he responded. 

We already can’t wait for the next time. 

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