Steve Carell Just Surprised Jenna Fischer in the Most Michael Scott Way

The chances of an Office reunion are slim to none, so we’ll take mini reunions between the cast members whenever we can get them. Thanks to Busy Philipps, we just got the Michael Scott/Pam Beasley moment we’ve been waiting for. 

On an episode of E!’s Busy Tonight, guest Jenna Fischer got a few surprises in celebration of her upcoming birthday. The soon-to-be 45-year-old was given boxes of gifts to open live on the show. 

“I asked some of your co-stars from The Office to send special gifts, and you have to guess who sent each one,” said Philipps. 

The first few gifts included a jar of raisin crisps from Ellie Kemper, a shirt with a loaf of bread on it from Fischer’s BFF Angela Kinsey, and a banjo from Ed Helms (classic Andy). Finally, Philipps led Fischer over to a large box labeled “Fragile” on the opposite side of the stage. Without hesitation Fischer opened the box. And…

Out popped Steve Carell! Not only was she surprised, but Fischer also looked nothing short of terrified. But we have to say, we’re happy to see Michael and Pam back together. 

We just hope there were some air holes in that thing.