Jodie Turner-Smith Offers Rare Glimpse of Her Daughter in New IG Photo

Jodie Turner-Smith just offered a rare glimpse of her 1-year-old daughter, and it was toe-tally adorable. (C’mon, we had to.)

Over the weekend, the Without Remorse star, 35, celebrated Thanksgiving by sharing a never-before-seen photo of the baby, whose name has yet to be publicly revealed. It’s important to note that the pic doesn’t feature the child’s face—instead, it shows Turner-Smith’s husband, Joshua Jackson, holding his foot next to their daughter’s tiny toes.

The caption read, “I’m most thankful for you.” Fans immediately filled the comments section with words of praise for the rare photo. One person wrote, “Well if this isn’t the CUTEST pic!” Another added, “Baby toes are my favorite! Sweet.” Someone even said, “Why is this the cutest thing I’ve ever seen?”

The post might surprise some fans, especially since Turner-Smith has been notably private about her family’s personal life. Although she welcomed her first child back in April 2020, the actress hasn’t posted any photos of her daughter. In fact, the closest she’s come to announcing the baby’s arrival was sharing a nursery pic last year.

Despite the lack of images, Turner-Smith previously discussed parenting during an interview with People and admitted that she couldn’t do it without Jackson. “It’s everything. He’s an amazing partner and an amazing dad,” she told the mag. “I love being a parent. It’s honestly one of the greatest things I could have asked for.”

One thing’s for sure: This photo is worthy of a highly coveted spot on the mantel.

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