Joanna Gaines Just Completely Renovated Her Library & There’s Even a Space for Little Crew

No one can flip a room like Joanna Gaines. She proved it time and time again on Fixer Upper and now she’s bringing her design prowess to a place close to her heart: The Magnolia Headquarters in Waco, Texas.

After some long, hard thought, the 41-year-old home décor maven decided that the office-standard conference room was no longer cutting it for her and her team. As she explained in a blog post, they needed a more creative space to come up with fresh ideas.

She wrote on her blog, “There’s something about a long table and the typical conference set up that just didn’t feel like us here at Magnolia. For me it felt stuffy and formal, and what I wanted to create was a space that encouraged conversation and had a relaxed and inspiring vibe. Whether we’re discussing the magazine or talking about plans for the Market, we could do so in a way that felt like we were hanging out in a living room or a library type of setting. After several years of meeting in this room, I told Chip I was ready to change things up and, I have to tell you, this transformation was a fun one!” 

What she created is Gaines design like we’ve never seen it before.

joanna gaines library ceilings

As you’ll notice in the photo above, there’s zero shiplap in sight. In fact, it seems Gaines has swapped out her former mainstay for elegant coffered ceilings with ornate detailing. Just look at that deep forest green, that dark wood and those brass fixtures. It’s a beautiful mixture of mid-century modern and traditional.

This aesthetic continued into the seating area, where a burgundy velvet couch and a massive Fiddle Leaf Fig tree made a big statement.

joanna gaines library couch

Our favorite part, however, came via a little something attached to the custom wood conference table.

joanna gaines library desk

Yep, that’s a little leather seat for her 1-year-old son, Crew, at the head of the table. From there, he can be involved in all of the important business decisions, which is key.

We have to say, you outdid yourself with this one, Joanna.


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