Joanna Gaines Posted a Birthday Tribute to Chip Featuring...Justin Bieber?

Happy birthday, Chip Gaines! 

In honor of her hubby’s big day, Joanna Gaines posted a sweet tribute to Instagram. “45 looks good on you…Happy Birthday @chipgaines,” she wrote alongside a photo of the couple in New York City. 

See the post below. 

In the pic, we see the duo standing on the sidewalk in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood with Joanna's arms wrapped around Chip. The couple are gazing into each other's eyes. Chip's hands are tucked into his back pockets.

If you’re anything like us, you quickly noticed the background of the image. And yes, that is a billboard of the Biebers getting intimate. 

The Fixer Upper stars can be seen standing in front of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Calvin Klein ad—and recreating the young Hollywood couple’s pose themselves. Pretty cheeky. 

Let’s hope 45 brings more photos like these and more babies.