Oh No! This Mainstay ‘AHS’ Star Could Be Done with the Series for Good

jessica lange

Guys, can you imagine an American Horror Story world without Jessica Lange? We can't either. But it seems like that might be the reality—at least according to the actress’s most recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. 

Lange, who currently stars in Netflix’s The Politician (also created by Ryan Murphy), opened up about her impressive career. When asked if she she’ll return to Murphy’s hit anthology AHS, the 70-year-old actress said that the chances were very slim. 

“I don’t think so,” she told EW. “I feel like I got the best of it in those first four seasons. Great characters. It was exciting to do. I worked with some of my favorite actors but I can’t see that we could ever get back to that.” Sad news indeed. 

If you didn’t know, Lange starred in the first four seasons of the FX series—Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Freak Show. She does not (and will not) make an appearance in the current season, 1984. Lange also made a surprise appearance for one episode of Apocalypse, where she reprised her role as Constance Langdon (Murder House). 

“Just that tiny little reprise, that part, that was enough,” said Lange. 

“I did [Apocalypse] because it was recreating Constance, which was, for me, a very important time when I did that first season, Murder House,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “But I don’t think I would want to start from scratch and create a character.”

So while we’re sad to hear this news, we’re just going to have to binge The Politician to get our Jessica Lange fix.

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