Jessica Alba Gives Her Lookalike Son a Haircut on IG

From Reese Witherspoon to Alicia Silverstone, we've come across a host of celebrity parents who passed down their dominant genes. And now, we've got our eyes on another mother-son pair that's making us do a double take.

Allow us to introduce Jessica Alba and her mini-me, Hayes Alba Warren. On Instagram, the Fantastic Four actress shared a clip of her 4-year-old's hair transformation after giving him a haircut, and we can't get over the fact that they share so many features. Alba wrote, "Gave lil man a new [haircut]. He doesn’t want to brush or dry tangled hair… so I took matters into my own hands. #momlife."

The video starts off with Hayes sitting in a high chair with damp hair, sporting a black salon cape as he patiently waits for his mom. The subtitles read, "Hair is long and curls are tangled. Doesn't like to brush or dry hair. Time for a mom haircut."

Just moments later, after a video transition effect, we see Hayes rocking shorter hair as he rides his scooter. And judging by the smile on his face, he definitely approves. In the comments, one fan wrote, "He has your entire face." Another fan chimed in, "He is your twin! So cute."

Alba shares three children with her husband Cash Warren, including Hayes, Honor Marie (13) and Haven Garner (10). And while chatting with SheKnows in 2021, the proud mom opened up about their different personalities. She said, "Hayes has a lot of energy and he loves to launch himself off of high places. So that is something that my girls never were tempted to do, but he just loves to climb and launch himself, and that’s really terrifying."

She continued, "He also doesn’t love walking. He loves to run, so there’s not a ton of walking. But he’s super, super sweet. He also is very athletic—not that my girls aren’t, but this kid, before he could walk, was throwing a ball perfectly straight or basically turning any item in front of him into a ball that he would throw across the room perfectly."

Sounds like Alba might have a future sports star on her hands. 

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