Jenna Dewan and Baby Callum Make an Appearance on ‘The Talk’

Jenna Dewan made an appearance on CBS' The Talk yesterday to update us on how things are going at home with her new baby Callum during quarantine.

The actress spoke about how her daughter Everly, who is six, has quickly stepped into her role as a big sister saying, "I prepared for everything. I thought maybe jealousy, maybe ignoring, you never know how it’s going to go. She actually is great with it. It shocked me. She's really loving and really sweet. She loves to hold him and likes to have little jobs like help us."

Adding: "We do a little bedtime routine every night. She reads him a story. It's really cute. She’s really embraced it—and also amongst the pandemic and home school and everything. She's shocked me and surprised me and just really adapted." 

Dewan also praised her fiancé Steve Kazee for being a supportive partner, sharing that "he really helps out so much every morning. I’m up breastfeeding three times a night, so he wakes up, he takes the baby so I get that extra hour and half, two hours to sleep in the morning."

Jenna and Steve welcomed baby Callum on March 6th and have been enjoying plenty of family time since (as evidenced by their Trolls living room dance parties). 

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