Japanese Soufflé Pancakes Are the Latest NYC Food Trend to Get Obsessed With

When it comes to New York City's proclivity for “viral” foods, we're constantly weighing our curiosity against our innate wariness of gimmicks. Sure, it might look good on Instagram, but is it really worth trekking across town or waiting in line?

The most recent item to grace our social media feeds—crazy-fluffy pancakes that seem to defy the laws of gravity—definitely warrants a resounding yes. Already big in Japan, soufflé pancakes recently made their New York debut at Taiyaki, the Lower East Side soft-serve shop known for its already Instagram-famous fish-shaped waffle cones. And naturally, the foodie masses came a-flocking.

The pillowy stacks come with your choice of maple syrup or matcha sauce, plus a miniature taiyaki fish cake as garnish. And the pancakes themselves are light, airy and engineered for maximum wobble (aka optimal Boomerang potential).

The only downside? They’re only available Friday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and each order can take up to 15 minutes to prepare—like so many ’Gram baiting trends that came before, you’re likely going to have to wait. At least until the next “it” food comes along. 

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